You may run into some unexpected errors when running chemgymrl environments from time to time.

Here we will discuss some possible error messages here and try to find a solution to them.


Not adding an entrypoint when registering an environment

registration error entrypoint

registration error

When registering any environment it's important to note that the corresponding entry point must also be added. In the picture above the entry point to WurtzReact-v1 was expected to be the class ReactionBenchEnv_0 in Failure to add the corresponding class will result in this error message.

Invalid vessel acquisition

invalid vessel input

When initializing environments that need an input vessel such as extraction or distillation, the path to the vessel must be specified or generated (as is the case of oil_vessel in Failure to ensure at least one of the methods specified will result in the following error message.

Drain function error - Extraction

When pouring by volume in extraction from any vessel to the extraction vessel, a second instance of running the fully_mix function will be needed for the vessel to properly update.

This leads to an error with seperate.map_to_state when running fully_mix for pouring by volume between ancillary vessels or pouring the extraction vessel into an ancillary vessel.

The current state of the code has fully_mix running twice in all extractions, but only for the pouring of an ancillary vessel into the extraction vessel.